News: iVidCapPro Xcode Project Needs Update

If you only use the iVidCapPro .unitypackage file (i.e. you have not customized the Xcode native plugin) you may safely ignore this post. It has been called to my attention that the Xcode project download for the native side of the plugin is out-of-sync with the libiVidCapPro.a file supplied with the Unity package file.  The Unity package file is current, but the Xcode project is back leveled.  The effect is that the performance improvements released in version 1.1 are not included in the Xcode Read more [...]

Announcement: iVidCapPro 1.2 Available

iVidCapPro has been updated to be compatible with Unity 4.5.  With this version the post-build processing to automatically modify the file should be working again.  As usual, you can download the plugin here: iVidCapPro 1.2 If you continue to have post-build issues with iVidCapPro in Unity 4.5 please let me know. On a (probably) unrelated note, I've had a couple of reports of blank (black) frames at the beginning of videos recorded with iVidCapPro.  I've seen this Read more [...]

Review: Transistor

  Two nights ago I finished playing Transistor.  It was the usual thing -- late at night, pushing to get through, just one final encounter, drawn on by the promise of finding out... well, everything.  And did I? Yes. And no. In the end, the Transistor narrative is, more than anything else, about what you believe it to be.  Tantalizing, elusive, mysterious, the realization of the plot seems always just within reach, but is never handed over.  This is not a bad thing. Some people will Read more [...]