Announcement: iVidCapPro 1.7 Available

Version 1.7 of iVidCapPro is now available. This version contains the following changes:

  • Compatibility updates for Unity 5.5, iOS 10, and Xcode 8.
  • .unitypackage file created using Unity 5-4-0f3.
  • Create iVidCapPro lib with Bitcode enabled.
  • Fix to native code to ensure that unmixed video has completed writing before we try to mix it with audio. This should alleviate some app crashes in which the video track was missing when the video asset was loaded.
  • Update native code to perform more error checking when loading assets. Plugin should now abort in these cases instead of crashing the app. IMPORTANT NOTE: When calling EndRecordingSessionWithAudioFiles, the specified audio files must exist or the plugin will abort. Previously, non-existent files were simply ignored.
  • The SampleManager was updated to copy the finished video to the Photos album. Previously it was leaving the video in the app Documents directory (an oversight from when I was testing the “copy to Photos album” feature).
  • Added new section “Recording device independent resolution video” to the documentation.
  • NOTE: When using iOS10, you will need to add the “Privacy – Photo Library Usage Description” key to the info.plist (Info) in Xcode. Unity has not yet exposed this setting in Player settings.


The update can be downloaded here:

iVidCapPro 1.7

Thanks to the people who contributed suggestions and code snippets for this update!

7 thoughts on “Announcement: iVidCapPro 1.7 Available

  1. Hey everyone, before all, thanks to Malveka for make this awesome plugin.

    I have an issue with this new version.
    Testing on iphone5, everything works fine ..

    today, i`ve tried to run the same app on iPhone6 .. and when I click on Start (calling StartVideoRecording() ) the apps crashes ..

    Anyone with the same issue?

    ( im working on Unity 5.5, with xcode 8, target iOS = 9.0)

    Thanks in advance

    (and sorry by my english)

    • Hi Bruno,

      Do both devices have the same level of iOS installed? What version?

      Can you post a stack trace from Xcode? Also, if you could turn on debug for the iVidCapPro plugin and post the output that might help. If it’s too much to post here, feel free to e-mail it to me directly at:

      support _at_


      • Hi James,

        I will send an email with a organized description with the errors and scenarios that i`m working .

        But for your information, aswering quickly the questions above:

        Scenario 1
        – iVidCapPro 1.6 & 1.7 running OK on:
        – iPhone5C
        – iOS 9.0
        – Xcode 8.2
        – Unity Pro 5.4.3f1

        Scenario 2
        – iVidCapPro 1.6 NOT working (crashes instantly when call startVideoRecording method even with default Sample.cs file)
        – iVidCapPro 1.7 not even Compile on Xcode with this erros (6 times)

        “Use of undeclared identifier GLES_CHK” at (im not sure if this error is from EasyMovieTexture Plugin or iVidCapPro)

        Crashes occurs on iPhone 6 with latest iOS version 10.2)
        using Unity 5.5 (released yesterday if im not wrong)

        i`ve already try to set on Unity PlayerSetting:

        1. Auto Graphics API
        2. only OpenGLES2.0
        3. openGLES 2 & 3
        4. only 3 .. but with no success

        i`ll try to build the scenario above from unity 5.4.3f1 instead 5.5 and see what happens..

        but, like i said, i`ll send an email to you with the things explained better.

        THANK YOU very much for the fast reply!
        and THANK YOU very much again for this great plugin!

        Bruno Bortolotto

        • Hi Bruno,

          You’re welcome. 8^)

 is not part of the iVidCapPro package.

          You probably know this, but just in case…

          When you uncheck the Auto Graphics API setting in Unity, you have to make sure that the OpenGLES setting in the resultant list is *above* the Metal setting.

          If possible, you could also try building the project with either the iVidCapPro or EasyMovieTexture plugin excluded, to determine if they are in some way interfering with each other.


          • Hi James!

            I made a project with just a rotating cube and iVidCapPro 1.7 plugin and ran on iPhone 6 Plus + iOS 1.0.2 + Unity 5.5.0f3 + Xcode 8.2 beta

            When i clicked at GUI “Stop” recording button, the app crashed like before.

            Then, i followed your suggestion above and did this:

            – on Unity iOS PlayerSettings

            1. unchecked “Auto Graph API”option
            2. in the “Auto Graphics API” list, selected
            – OpenGLES2
            – OpenGLES3
            – Metal
            is this order.

            3. checked “GPU Skinning*” option.

            4. build

            and then.. voilà!

            Ran and works on iPhone 6 Plus!!!!

            If someone is passing by this too, i hope these instruction help!!

            Just one thing isnt solved yet .. it stills crashing 12~14 seconds after I enter in the scene and even if I still in idle mode, without clicking anything…

            Anyway, I wanna thank you so much .. me and my 2 co-workers wanna do some donation (even without much money to offer, but in a symbolic way :)

            If you have any hints about the error above, I appreciate very much!

            Thanks and Thanks!

            Bruno Bortolotto

  2. Hi Bruno,

    When you say it crashes after 12-14 seconds, is that while recording video? Or simply after your app has run for 12-14 seconds?

    A stack trace from Xcode could be helpful here.

    Thanks for your desire to donate! I need to get a donate button put on the web site. 😛


  3. Hello. Thanks for making this!

    I’m now able to build with bitcode enabled, except when I try to generate an Archive build. Then I get this error:

    ld: bitcode bundle could not be generated because ‘/Users/rob/p4/live/muglife/projects/headview/headview/Builds/iOS/Libraries/Plugins/iOS/libiVidCapPro.a(iVidCap.o)’ was built without full bitcode. All object files and libraries for bitcode must be generated from Xcode Archive or Install build for architecture arm64


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