Announcement: iVidCapPro Availability Ends

I’m sorry to announce that I will no longer be supplying the iVidCapPro plugin. There are a few reasons for this:

  • It has recently come to my attention that, owing to the design of the plugin, an unscrupulous developer could make use of it to record the screen of a Unity-based app without the user’s knowledge. I don’t know of any instance in which this has happened, but as an advocate for privacy and the right for individuals to control their own information, I am not happy about providing software that could readily be used for nefarious purposes.
  • Owing to the complexity and ever-changing nature of the software frameworks in which iVidCapPro is embedded and utilizes, it needs much more attention than I am currently able to give it. Continuing to make it available in a “life-support-only” state is not satisfying for me and often frustrating for those of you making use of it.
  • My current interests lie elsewhere and continue to diverge from the kind of work involved with supporting iVidCapPro. I’m not doing any development for mobile at this time, and staying on top of changes to iOS and Xcode has become increasingly burdensome.

I truly regret that some of you may be disappointed by this turn of events. I’ll be leaving the iVidCapPro download resources available until June 30, 2017. If you are currently making use of iVidCapPro, please be sure to download the latest version of the Unity package and the Xcode project before that date. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions and help in tracking down issues over the years. As always, best of luck with your projects!


4 thoughts on “Announcement: iVidCapPro Availability Ends

  1. Damn!! I need to ask something about to your plugin to implement a function in my App, I’d like to contact to you about that… Is possible or should I resign to that idea?

  2. The unscrupulous users aside, there will always be more people making creative, innovating or even just cool things that your recorder would help them share their work with!

    On the Unity Asset Store, currently, there is no plugin for mobile video recording. (Everyplay is generally borked and does not allow access to its local video, even for saving to the Photo Album, etc)

    You mentioned that time:money ratio on a previous most, and there seems to be quite a few Asset Store millionaires… Just an idea :)

  3. Sorry to hear that this plugin will no longer be supported, I am wondering if there is a way to retrieve the microphone peak levels while recording in Unity? This is an issue I’ve been struggling with.

    Thanks for the amazing plugin and the support on it so far, and I’m sorry that Apple keeps making developer’s lives very difficult, I truly feel that pain as well, so much I’m willing to start a movement for developers to boycott Apple lol

  4. It’s so sad you discontinued such a wonderful piece of code. But I totally understand and share your vision about privacy and interests.

    Just one question: why don’t you opensource it?
    Maybe someone would fork it and make it works on future generation hardware :)

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