iVidCapPro – Open Source?

Hello All,

I thought this site would be taken down by now, but… it’s still here. 😛

I’ve been getting a significant number of requests to continue support for iVidCapPro.  For reasons mentioned in my previous post I can’t do that.  I’ve also been getting requests to make iVidCapPro available as a completely open source project.  I’m willing to have that happen, but I don’t have time to do it myself.

Is there anyone out there who would be willing to undertake the process of setting up a public open source repository for iVidCapPro and providing any administration such a site may need?  I’m thinking GitHub, but would be open to other suggestions.

Please post here or e-mail me at support@eccentric-orbits.com



One thought on “iVidCapPro – Open Source?

  1. It seems that there is already an unofficial community repo that fixes your .a file to be compatible with arm64 with bitcode support. However, it could probably use a lot more love and maybe official recognition / support may help kickstart the community efforts. this is literally a repo i found while trying to get your plugin to work this summer:


    I think many of us are just unity developers with little competency in xcode iOS dev other than the basics and being able to google up the error dump to try to hack a fix together. but, maybe there is hope for us yet? (although, i’m still annoyed that unity does not offer this solution out of the box.)

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