iVidCapPro – Open Source Project Is Up!

Hi All,

I’ve got some great news.  iVidCapPro is now available as a hosted open source project!  You can find the repository on Github here:


This transition was made possible by the generous donation of time, energy and hosting space by Dean Marcussen. Dean is a veteran app developer and has made use of iVidCapPro in two published apps with a third underway.  Also, he has been a true pleasure to work with as we arranged the details of the transition.  Thank you Dean for making this happen!

The repository currently contains version 1.7 of iVidCapPro, with just a little bit of housekeeping cleanup.  As Dean mentions in the Readme, compatibility updates for bitcode and Unity 2017 are in process. Also, documentation is still being transferred.

So, if you have existing updates or improvement ideas, take a clone or fork from Github, make the changes and put in a pull request.  The repo is open for business!

A special thanks to those of you that encouraged me to make the hosted open source thing happen. An especial special thanks to the one that poked me repeatedly on the subject *cough*Yosun*ahem*.  8^)

Happy Recording,


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