eccentric Orbits entertainment began as a partnership of James “Malveka” Allen and Jande Rowe, who, by strange coincidence and an amazing series of adventures (that may someday be detailed elsewhere) happen to be married. The team has now expanded (hurray!) with the addition of Melissa Allen, who, incredibly enough, spent many of her early years living with Jande and Mal and still finds them tolerably good company. How cool is that?

We are totally obsessed ahem… enthusiastic proponents of creativity and its power to make the world (solar system, galaxy, universe, local brane cluster, etc.) a better place to live. We make things because we’re passionate about them, because it’s fun and because it’s satisfying to create. This is true whether Jande is making an amazing cartoon sketch on a used paper coffee cup, Mal is making his much-loved “rat stew” (aka ratatouille) or Lis is knitting ingenious fingerless handwarmers. It’s also true when we’re working together to create a new app. On the whole, however, stew, used coffee cups and knitting are rather more difficult to share electronically, so that’s why this web site is mostly about our digital creations. If your appetite for more information (sans rats) has been whetted, read on.

James "Malveka" Allen

Mal has been developing software for a number of years. A large number of years. The kind of number that entitles him to say "Back in my day..." and then people start falling asleep. We'll skip that part. Mal has developed software for many different applications, including moon rock analysis, system integrity verification for the International Space Station, simulation of logic circuits for engineering design automation and numerous graphical user interfaces. He is of the opinion that there has never been a more exciting time to be a software developer than right now. His current development passions include visual effects and games.

When not developing software, Mal conducts a stormy relationship with writing, and currently has a science fiction novel awaiting another round of editing. He's written songs, both solo and in collaboration with Jande, and occasionally attempts to perform them on his guitar. Mal also enjoys kayaking, biking, cross country skiing, reading, fencing, and, of course, playing games.

Jande Rowe

Jande is a renaissance woman of the arts. Singer/songwriter, poet, musician, painter, and artiste extraordinaire of the used coffee cup, if it has to do with art, music or writing, Jande has turned her hand, heart and soul to it sometime in her life. She's written over a hundred songs, sang them in coffee houses and clubs, penned countless poems, written several novels and, upon a time, performed as a singing clown. Still, throughout the whirlwind of a sometimes tumultuous life, her love for drawing and painting has never waned.

In recent years she has turned her attention to digital art. Jande combines long years of real media experience with a digital workflow to uniquely express her artistic vision. In addition to her work on eOe apps, Jande produces the emotionally powerful web comic Aedre's Firefly.

When pen, brush and stylus can be pried from her hand, Jande enjoys a relaxing kayak ride, dancing, an evening stroll, gathering resources and making gold in her favorite mmo (or most any mmo for that matter), building snow dragons and winning at Jumble.

Melissa "Melzorra" Allen

Logic and intuition may be antonyms, but that doesn't prevent them from teaming up in such a way that leads Melissa to say she finds logic intuitive. Not to mention fun. She is taking this and her enjoyment of problem solving as her bucket and shovel as she skips off to the digital sea to get her feet wet and build a few sand castles. Sand codes. Code castles. Well, you get the idea.

Melissa has a fascination with story-telling in all its forms, from novels to pictures, games to jokes. She dabbles in all of them (although sadly lacks flair for the last... Get it? No? Well, what did I tell you?), with the most success so far in writing, being a multiple win NaNoWriMo veteran and occasional micro fiction writer. She is also a self-taught digital painter with GIMP and has experience with 3d modeling, including Bryce and Poser.

Her other interests, ranging from hobby to obsession depending on her mood on any given day include knitting, languages and the learning thereof, rollerblading, softball, anime and gaming. What? Don't tell me you didn't see that last one coming. She has also been known to make a mean sandwich.