Announcement: iVidCapPro Availability Ends

I’m sorry to announce that I will no longer be supplying the iVidCapPro plugin. There are a few reasons for this: It has recently come to my attention that, owing to the design of the plugin, an unscrupulous developer could make use of it to record the screen of a Unity-based app without the user’s knowledge. I don’t know of any instance in which this has happened, but as an advocate for privacy and the right for individuals to control their own information, I am not happy about providing Read more [...]

Announcement: iVidCapPro 1.7 Available

Version 1.7 of iVidCapPro is now available. This version contains the following changes: Compatibility updates for Unity 5.5, iOS 10, and Xcode 8. .unitypackage file created using Unity 5-4-0f3. Create iVidCapPro lib with Bitcode enabled. Fix to native code to ensure that unmixed video has completed writing before we try to mix it with audio. This should alleviate some app crashes in which the video track was missing when the video asset was loaded. Update native code to perform more Read more [...]

News: Issue with Unity IL2CPP Support

A few people have reported a nasty crash issue when running their iVidCapPro-enabled project with the IL2CPP support in Unity 4.6.2.  I have been successful in recreating this problem.  I was uncertain at first if I would be able to do so, since I don't have a 64-bit device to run on.  It appears, however, that the issue is wholly related to the IL2CPP backend vs. the Mono backend and "64-bitness" is not the issue. I've investigated the problem following the detailed info kindly provided by Read more [...]

News: iVidCapPro Xcode Project Needs Update

If you only use the iVidCapPro .unitypackage file (i.e. you have not customized the Xcode native plugin) you may safely ignore this post. It has been called to my attention that the Xcode project download for the native side of the plugin is out-of-sync with the libiVidCapPro.a file supplied with the Unity package file.  The Unity package file is current, but the Xcode project is back leveled.  The effect is that the performance improvements released in version 1.1 are not included in the Xcode Read more [...]

In Development: iVidCap Pro

This is the first in an on-going series of posts about what's currently under construction in the eOe workshops. We're always up to something, hence the strange noises from down the hall. I'll try and type loudly enough to be heard over the sounds of the nanocarbon presses, field induction lathes, and electropulse riveters. 8^) Back in April 2012 I placed an iOS plugin called iVidCap on the Unity asset store. iVidCap allows the recording of video from a Unity app running on your iDevice and places Read more [...]