iVidCapPro – Open Source Project Is Up!

Hi All, I've got some great news.  iVidCapPro is now available as a hosted open source project!  You can find the repository on Github here: https://github.com/ThisNetWorks/iVidCapPro This transition was made possible by the generous donation of time, energy and hosting space by Dean Marcussen. Dean is a veteran app developer and has made use of iVidCapPro in two published apps with a third underway.  Also, he has been a true pleasure to work with as we arranged the details of the transition. Read more [...]

iVidCapPro – Open Source?

Hello All, I thought this site would be taken down by now, but... it's still here. :P I've been getting a significant number of requests to continue support for iVidCapPro.  For reasons mentioned in my previous post I can't do that.  I've also been getting requests to make iVidCapPro available as a completely open source project.  I'm willing to have that happen, but I don't have time to do it myself. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to undertake the process of setting up Read more [...]

Announcement: iVidCapPro 1.7 Available

Version 1.7 of iVidCapPro is now available. This version contains the following changes: Compatibility updates for Unity 5.5, iOS 10, and Xcode 8. .unitypackage file created using Unity 5-4-0f3. Create iVidCapPro lib with Bitcode enabled. Fix to native code to ensure that unmixed video has completed writing before we try to mix it with audio. This should alleviate some app crashes in which the video track was missing when the video asset was loaded. Update native code to perform more Read more [...]

News: Issue with Unity IL2CPP Support

A few people have reported a nasty crash issue when running their iVidCapPro-enabled project with the IL2CPP support in Unity 4.6.2.  I have been successful in recreating this problem.  I was uncertain at first if I would be able to do so, since I don't have a 64-bit device to run on.  It appears, however, that the issue is wholly related to the IL2CPP backend vs. the Mono backend and "64-bitness" is not the issue. I've investigated the problem following the detailed info kindly provided by Read more [...]

News: iVidCapPro Xcode Project Needs Update

If you only use the iVidCapPro .unitypackage file (i.e. you have not customized the Xcode native plugin) you may safely ignore this post. It has been called to my attention that the Xcode project download for the native side of the plugin is out-of-sync with the libiVidCapPro.a file supplied with the Unity package file.  The Unity package file is current, but the Xcode project is back leveled.  The effect is that the performance improvements released in version 1.1 are not included in the Xcode Read more [...]

Announcement: iVidCapPro 1.2 Available

iVidCapPro has been updated to be compatible with Unity 4.5.  With this version the post-build processing to automatically modify the UniyAppController.mm file should be working again.  As usual, you can download the plugin here: iVidCapPro 1.2 If you continue to have post-build issues with iVidCapPro in Unity 4.5 please let me know. On a (probably) unrelated note, I've had a couple of reports of blank (black) frames at the beginning of videos recorded with iVidCapPro.  I've seen this Read more [...]

News: Unity 4.5 Breaks iVidCapPro Post-Build Processing

It has been pointed out to me that changes in the AppController.mm file of the Xcode project in Unity 4.5 have broken the iVidCapPro post-build processing, making it unable to add some necessary code automatically. I haven’t installed Unity 4.5 yet, but it doesn’t surprise me that it broke iVidCapPro’s post-build processing. It’s rather sensitive to changes in AppController.mm. The necessary changes can be made manually, however, and all will be well.  Many thanks to Eyal Erez for Read more [...]

Announcement: iVidCapPro 1.1 Available

Version 1.1 of iVidCapPro is available here. This update includes one major enhancement.  Framerate performance while recording has been improved by 30-40%.  Thanks to super-code-sleuth Brain Chasalow (developer of Video Texture Pro (VTP) free plugin for iOS/OSX) for pointing out the bottlenecks! The only other change was to add an editor warning message in the case of the iVidCapProVideo script being erroneously placed on a camera game object where the camera is targeting a rendertexture.  Read more [...]

Say it with Unity

So, we have this newsreel at the office that shows facts, figures and photos of interest to our team.  Periodically someone is asked to provide a slide with biographical information, with the idea of helping people to get to know a little bit more about each other--their professional backgrounds and interests outside work.  Sometimes this may also be the first time you've ever seen the person, since our team is scattered around the globe. My turn in the queue arose recently.  Hmm...what to Read more [...]

Announcement: iVidCapPro Available!

We've created.  We've had fun.  We've been eccentric. And now we are pleased to announce that iVidCapPro is available for download! iVidCapPro is an iOS plugin that enables you to capture video and audio from your Unity iOS application. In addition to having engaged in those things that we enthusiastically encourage, that is, creativity, fun and the unconventional, there's another thing that happened with this project that is worth discussing. It was delayed. Substantially. For those of Read more [...]

In Development: iVidCapPro Part Three

Howdy!  I've got lot's of exciting news for you today and a demo video to share.  Let's get to it. iVidCapPro has several new features since my last update.  At the root of these is the goal of enabling the Unity developer to make a complete demo of their game or app on the device.  As we have seen previously, iVidCapPro is quite capable of capturing video and audio from your app, in real time or at a fixed framerate of your choosing and at your choice of resolution.  This is great for action Read more [...]

In Development: iVidCapPro Part Two

Hi!  It's been awhile since I provided an update on the status of the iVidCapPro plugin and I decided it was time.  Well, I don't mean to say that iVidCapPro is "time", rather that the time has come to give an update.  Funny thing, language.  Sometimes you know what a person means, even though it's not what they said.  Sometimes you don't know what they mean, even though they said what they meant.  And sometimes you have no idea what they're talking about and, to all appearances, neither do Read more [...]