News: Unity 4.5 Breaks iVidCapPro Post-Build Processing

It has been pointed out to me that changes in the file of the Xcode project in Unity 4.5 have broken the iVidCapPro post-build processing, making it unable to add some necessary code automatically. I haven’t installed Unity 4.5 yet, but it doesn’t surprise me that it broke iVidCapPro’s post-build processing. It’s rather sensitive to changes in The necessary changes can be made manually, however, and all will be well.  Many thanks to Eyal Erez for Read more [...]

Announcement: iVidCapPro 1.1 Available

Version 1.1 of iVidCapPro is available here. This update includes one major enhancement.  Framerate performance while recording has been improved by 30-40%.  Thanks to super-code-sleuth Brain Chasalow (developer of Video Texture Pro (VTP) free plugin for iOS/OSX) for pointing out the bottlenecks! The only other change was to add an editor warning message in the case of the iVidCapProVideo script being erroneously placed on a camera game object where the camera is targeting a rendertexture.  Read more [...]

Say it with Unity

So, we have this newsreel at the office that shows facts, figures and photos of interest to our team.  Periodically someone is asked to provide a slide with biographical information, with the idea of helping people to get to know a little bit more about each other--their professional backgrounds and interests outside work.  Sometimes this may also be the first time you've ever seen the person, since our team is scattered around the globe. My turn in the queue arose recently.  Hmm...what to Read more [...]

Announcement: iVidCapPro Available!

We've created.  We've had fun.  We've been eccentric. And now we are pleased to announce that iVidCapPro is available for download! iVidCapPro is an iOS plugin that enables you to capture video and audio from your Unity iOS application. In addition to having engaged in those things that we enthusiastically encourage, that is, creativity, fun and the unconventional, there's another thing that happened with this project that is worth discussing. It was delayed. Substantially. For those of Read more [...]

In Development: iVidCapPro Part Three

Howdy!  I've got lot's of exciting news for you today and a demo video to share.  Let's get to it. iVidCapPro has several new features since my last update.  At the root of these is the goal of enabling the Unity developer to make a complete demo of their game or app on the device.  As we have seen previously, iVidCapPro is quite capable of capturing video and audio from your app, in real time or at a fixed framerate of your choosing and at your choice of resolution.  This is great for action Read more [...]

In Development: iVidCapPro Part Two

Hi!  It's been awhile since I provided an update on the status of the iVidCapPro plugin and I decided it was time.  Well, I don't mean to say that iVidCapPro is "time", rather that the time has come to give an update.  Funny thing, language.  Sometimes you know what a person means, even though it's not what they said.  Sometimes you don't know what they mean, even though they said what they meant.  And sometimes you have no idea what they're talking about and, to all appearances, neither do Read more [...]


…an Apprentice Game Designer. That would be me, Melissa, also known as Melzorra.  Nice to meet ya.  I'm the newest member of Team eOe and couldn't be more excited to be here learning. So just what is it I'm learning?  Put simply: a lot.  I'm finding out about game design from the bottom up and here's what I've seen of the process so far. Ideas It all has to start somewhere and this is it.  The idea is the Big Bang of the game design process, a flash of inspiration that for a brief Read more [...]

Artist of All Trades…

...Master of Quite a Few! That's me, Jande (pronounced jan'dee) Rowe. Everything from cartoons, animated gifs, graphical representations, page layout, GUI art, branding art (logo design, business cards, etc), environment painting, concept art and game art, to answering basic question such as "Hey, Jande, does this colour go better with this one or with that one?" :`D As mentioned in the "about" page, I also paint, and I create an online graphic novel (or long form webcomic, if you prefer) called Read more [...]

In Development: iVidCap Pro

This is the first in an on-going series of posts about what's currently under construction in the eOe workshops. We're always up to something, hence the strange noises from down the hall. I'll try and type loudly enough to be heard over the sounds of the nanocarbon presses, field induction lathes, and electropulse riveters. 8^) Back in April 2012 I placed an iOS plugin called iVidCap on the Unity asset store. iVidCap allows the recording of video from a Unity app running on your iDevice and places Read more [...]

Welcome to Our New Home!

Welcome to the new home of eccentric Orbits entertainment!  Have a look around and make yourself comfortable. We decided it was time for a new set of digs for a number of reasons, not the least of which was to relocate to a new home that is more spacious, inviting and, frankly, modern.  I don't know if you ever visited the old place, but let's face it--the old site was the virtual equivalent of living in a single-person inflatable prospector's hut on the airless and radioactive moon of Betelgeuse Read more [...]